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Finding Time For Yourself and Why Its Important

Finding time for yourself may seem daunting and downright impossible. Whether you work outside of the home or are the CEO of your family, finding time for yourself is not a luxury but rather a necessity.

Ask any woman on any day and I can assure you that they will express a desire or need to have more time to themselves to relax, take care of themselves or simply be alone. Rarely, do busy women get to take a relaxing bath, spend the day at the spa or simply go to the bathroom alone! In most cases, they are caught in a rut between the 9-5, second jobs, school schedule pick-ups, PTA meetings, food shopping and errand running, as well as the daily chores associated with parenthood and home ownership! Some are also responsible for caring for their elderly or ill parents, with little or no support.

How can you expect to take care of others if you are not caring for yourself?

How can you carve out just a few minutes a day or a block of time every week to care for yourself and start feeling less stressed?

I know that it's not easy and I meet a lot of resistance when I initially start working with clients about finding time...even if just a few minutes...for oneself. While it may seem impossible or too exhausting to even think about making the time, it is essential to feel:

1) Supported

2) Energized and calm

3) Balanced and fulfilled

4) Your best self

This is a process...it is not something that happens overnight, It takes patience and dedication....did I say patience?

It is not selfish to take care of and make time for yourself. In fact it is quite the opposite. Think of it this way....your car won't go if you don't gas it up!

Things that may seem extravagant or luxurious are not out of the realm of possibility. Even when money is as tight as the time you so desperately need, there are simple ways to find balance and calm.

Here are a few things I recommend to clients to start the process of self-care and balanced living!

Take a 10 minute break daily and focus on your breath

Using your breath is the fastest and most reliable tool for reducing anxiousness and stress. The benefits include lowering your heart rate, lowering your pulse rate, calming your nervous system, calming your reptilian brain and on and on! My favorite technique is the Belly Breath – click here to learn more!

Stay healthy (eat/drink)

Take a look at what you are eating and how you can make healthy changes.

Are you drinking enough water? Are you getting in your daily greens? Are you eating 3 healthy meals a day with snacks?

There are many foods that increase feelings of anxiousness/stress that can be easily reduced and/or replaced. Learn more about fueling your body with healthier options here.

Contact health and fitness coach, Danielle Reynolds if you are struggling on finding a healthy diet and exercise balance.

Pamper yourself

When was the last time that you pampered yourself? If going to a spa for a weekend is not an option, there are many things you can do for yourself to relax and provide a little bit of self-care.

Take a bath

Taking a relaxing bath with scented salts or essential oils is relaxing and uplifting for the soul and best of all....it doesn't cost an arm and a leg. You can easily find aromatic salts at your local beauty store and high grade essential oils from sources such as Young Living. Find out more about purchasing Young Living oils from Tara!

Get a mani/pedi!

Your hands and feet take the brunt of your physical labor every day. Whether you are are changing diapers, doing dishes, working on an assembly line, type or are are on your feet all day, a mani/pedi is an inexpensive and easily accessible way to find relaxation and relief!

Take care of your hair

Stay on top of your hair and get a cut or color to brighten your mood. Sunny Zippilli, owner of Sunny's Hair Studio in Haddon Heights, NJ explains that, "Self-care is a hugely important part of a woman's life. not only does it make her feel good and boost her confidence, but it also promotes relaxation and calm. Without this, women tend to run themselves into the ground taking care of everyone except themselves which isn't healthy or productive."

Having someone wash your hair, massage your scalp and freshen up your look will not only make you feel relaxed but also can give you confidence and strength! "Leading a balanced life includes taking care of yourself and your needs. When women come into the salon for a haircut, color or treatment, they are carving out time that's essential for them to feel and look their best."

I love the idea of women feeling good about themselves so much that I have partnered with Sunny to give away a FREE 3o minute session with me with every purchase made at Sunny's Hair Studio from December 12, 2018 through January 5, 2019!

Book your appointment with Sunny and her stylists and get your session just in time for the new year!

Call a friend

When was the last time you called a friend? Sitting down for a few minutes, even an hour, catching up with a friend is a great way to connect and get the support that all women need. Finding your tribe and staying active in your friendships may seem hard with your schedule but trust me....find the time to talk to your friends and family.

You will feel supported, connected and cared for!

Get Creative

Sometimes all we need is a bit of a creative outlet. Be it art, music, dance or whatever else gets your creative juices flowing, time for creation and creativity breaks up the monotony of the day and provides balance in your life.

If you are struggling in this area, or find that you are blocked, contacting a creativity coach like Elizabeth Bram may be helpful in unleashing your creative potential.

Stay up to date on your health (MD appointments)

When was the last time you went for a health physical, went to the gynecologist, had an eye exam or had a dental cleaning? May sound silly but in order to be healthy, you have to take care of your health!

Make sure you schedule appointments like:

1) Your annual physical

2) Eye exam

3) Gynecologist appointment

4) Dental appointments

5) Medical specialist appointments and others

Try scheduling these appointments in advance and adding to your calendar to make sure you are on top of this! Many offices also have text alerts to let you know when you are due for a visit so make sure you take advantage of this feature to keep you on track!

Ensure your safety (oil change, tires check, and the like)

Is your car maintenance up to date? Have you checked the little sticker in the upper left corner of your windshield telling you when your next oil change is due or when your tires need to be rotated and checked?

This may sound ridiculous but making sure your transportation is safe is not only responsible but essential to living a balanced life. If your way of getting to and from work, the store and to pick up the kids is compromised, now only is your safety at risk but you also risk unnecessary car expenses and hiccups down the road.

Make sure you are staying on top of these tasks- especially during the winter months when tire care is of the essence.

Buy yourself something new

Every once in a while its nice to treat yourself to something new? Clothes, shoes, a scented candle or other treat can perk up your mood, increase your confidence and promote relaxation. I am not saying that you have to go out and spend hundreds of dollars on buying new clothes (unless you can and want to) but just a simple gesture to yourself shows that you appreciate and care for yourself and are deserving of these things.

It also promotes balance in caring for yourself. Most likely, you spend a lot of time and money on others, so you need to balance this by spending time and money on yourself.

Taking time for yourself is an essential necessity NOT a luxury.

Contact me today to start leading a more productive and balanced life!




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