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Relationships: Making Sense of it All

Relationship issues are at times the root of many problems which hold a person back from reaching their highest self.

Whether you are trying to make sense of your relationship with your parents, your lover, your children, your employer, your family or friends it is the pain and conflict so often experienced in relationships that brings people into life coaching. I have found over the years an inability to make sense of and release painful experiences to be a major factor in the quality of present relationships. We seem to maintain or even choose relationships that keep us in a pattern of pain.

  • Sometimes we are simply unaware we are even doing this.

  • Sometimes we allow fear to trap us in unhealthy situations.

  • Sometimes we allow family or societal expectations to keep us there.

At what point do we allow ourselves to see clearly the path that brought us to this point and the path that will lead to happiness and contentment?

I firmly believe it is our birthright to be loved and nurtured in a healthy and wholesome manner; to be treated with respect and kindness. Yes our birthright! If your were born into a family that does not honor this right you can demand it. If it is not given to you, you have the right to walk away from that family. This can be a very painful process, I am in no way minimizing the emotional conflict involved in such a decision, yet allowing yourself to be given anything less than you are entitled to will only set you up for a string of relationships that mirror this treatment.

You will be more likely to select a partner who treats you poorly, select friends who use you and/or accept a job where you are exploited.

It is that primary relationship that sets us up for either failure or success in future relationships. Give yourself permission to explore, heal and if need be create boundaries and distance in that relationship. An honest look at these early relationships offers us insight into our beliefs about ourselves – our self-worth, our value, our talents, our purpose and our capacity to take in life fully knowing we deserve to do so.

Join me on this journey of discovery and quest for healthy, loving relationships in my Relationship Series. The goal will be to make a powerful shift – a shift in how you view yourself and how you view your relationships; a shift in what you will tolerate and what you will no longer tolerate not only in your relationships but also in yourself. You will learn to parent yourself with the love that is your birthright developing emotional maturity and strength!

Let's get started! Visit my Library & Resources page to find more information on my FREE E-Series: The Relationship Series, which addresses the many complexities of relationships.



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