"It's all about quality of life and finding a happy balance between work and friends and family."



Deb Smith

Women's Self-Care and Balance Life Coach

Everyone deserves to feel fulfilled, regenerated, and satisfied.


As a woman's self-care and balance life coach, I am committed to helping women of all ages and stages of life, lead fulfilling, rewarding, and balanced lives. I have helped countless women become their fullest selves during times of transformation by redirecting, prioritizing, and setting realistic goals

My unique approach of empowering the individual self has helped so many of my clients live complete, full, and balanced lives. 


After graduating Summa Cum Laude from Molloy College with a BA in Sociology in 1994, I went on to obtain my MA with distinction in Creative Art Therapy from Hofstra University. 


After nearly 20 years of mental health counseling, I have learned that many people are not in need of intensive therapy, but rather would benefit from guidance and direction to obtain the highest level of personal growth, development, and balance.


So many women have already addressed their underlying conflicts, such as abuse, childhood experiences, family dynamics, etc yet still lack the ability to put into practice stress relief techniques, set boundaries, create balance, and care for themselves. This is where a women's self-care and balance life coach can help. 

 I look forward to being able to help you:

  • Better manage your daily and situational stress

  • Regenerate the self and the soul

  • Create healthy boundaries

  • Learn how to create the time to care for yourself

  • Find a way to better structure your life to promote harmony 




Reiki Level I Certified

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