The Mariana Process

prayer, candles

I am so glad you decided to continue along the path of this amazing journey incorporating the Marian traditions to assist you after reading Part I of this blog series.

This path is a shift in consciousness. It will raise your awareness and lift you out of the false reality you have accepted as truth for far too long. It is dimensional, layered with deeper understandings as you evolve and progress. It is a way of looking at life and the experiences within it in an entirely new light. Of course it is not new, it is not a mystical nor ancient secret. It is your inner wisdom returned to you, guiding you and assisting you while you are on this journey. Take your time, embrace the process and simply breathe. Here we go.

Most likely it is the sorrowful heart that has lead you to this door. That sorrow can feel like anxiety, panic, depression, fear, grief, abandonment, isolation, betrayal, anger or any other of the many sorrowful emotions we as humans experience. It could have been a desire to make a shift in awareness and consciousness. That desire could have been prompted by a feeling of spiritual emptiness, disconnection, or maybe a feeling of general discontent.

You might be surrounded by a loving family and good friends while living in a beautiful home with all the accessories and still feel empty, lost. It is through these feelings that we will once again feel alive and connected, part of something greater than ourselves. It is through these feelings and this sorrow that the light will enter healing and transforming you.