Saying YES to Yourself While Saying No to Others

As a therapist and balanced life coach I have worked with countless women processing and working through the many issues that bond us as women. We share the alliance of our roles as daughters, sisters, lovers, wives, mothers, grandmothers, and friends. These bonds are often shared through silent connection or with a language only we understand. Time and distance frequently keep us from connecting regularly and with the intensity required to maintain our sisterhood. This basic need has become a luxury requiring preparation and strategic planning. When we do connect a common and all too often typical conversation involves the conflict between our innate desire to give with our discomfort with self care. This conflict often leads to an inability or reluctance to say no, set boundaries or take a step back even when we know we are over-extending or even pushing ourselves to exhaustion and very possibly illness.

So what is this innate desire to give, to nurture and to tend? There are many women who refuse to accept these characteristics and qualities.

I think this is so because many women don't understand them and somehow think that embracing these qualities will put them back fifty years in the evolutionary process. This group