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"To be calm, one must relax at the deepest level of consciousness and reach into the subconscious mind"




We aren't even aware of the tension and stress we hold our bodies.  Stop right now and just do a simple body scan.  Start at the top or start at the bottom – it doesn't matter.  

Is your forehead grimaced, your jaw tight, are your shoulders tense – you see where this is going.  


Really take an inventory of where you hold your tension.  Try to engage in a body scan as often as you can in the beginning to promote awareness as well as action to help release tension and calm the body!


Progressive muscle relaxation is an intense body scan. Again, start at either the top of your body or the bottom – it doesn't matter.  


  • First tighten the area you are focusing on.  For example if you are stating at your head tighten every facial muscle – your forehead, your nose, your mouth, your jaw, your checks.  Go ahead do it – it's not an attractive look but who is watching?  Hold it just for a few seconds (5 – 10 will do it!)  

  • Then relax those muscles allowing yourself to really feel the release.  

  • Then do it again!  

  • Move down to your neck again tensing the muscles as tightly as you can, releasing and repeating.  

  • Proceed down the body tightening and releasing every muscle with attention and intention.  


Don't rush the processing trying to group as many muscles as possible – take your time.  


If you don't have that kind of time then try a full body release. Tighten your entire body for the same 5 to 10 seconds, then release.  Do it again.  Notice the release, notice where you are holding your tension – those areas might need a little extra attention.

 Be kind to yourself during this process.  It is a release – enjoy it!

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