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"We can't help everyone but everyone can help someone"


We all need strategies and tools to help us in the moment and prepare us for moment when we are in need.

Below are some of my favorite go to techniques and that I've learned along the journey. I hope you find them helpful!                                                                               

Check out my helpful tips on living a whole and healthy life!


Using your breath is the fastest and most reliable tool for anxiety reduction.  The benefits include lowering your heart rate, lowering your pulse rate, calming your nervous system, calming your reptilian brain and on and on!  My favorite technique is the Belly Breath – here is how you do it

Progressive Muscle Relaxation

We aren't even aware of the tension and stress we hold our bodies. Stop right now and just do a simple body scan.

Eat, Sleep and Be Merry

Take a look at what you are eating.  There are many foods that increase feelings of anxiousness that can be easily reduced and/or replaced. 

Take A Break

Give Yourself a Break! Take time to get out of your head...


If we look at anxiousness as trapped or undischarged energy is there a way to help release it?  We can certainly try!  One technique I use very often with my clients is to try to expand the anxiety – yes actually try to make it worse.

Helpful Teas & Herbals

When it comes to supplements, herbs and teas ALWAYS consult with your medical practitioner before starting any new product.  Most of these products do not interact with other medications but you ALWAYS want to be sure.  Please see my disclaimer for further information on this topic.

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