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Creativity Blocks - Your Body Knows the Answer

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Guest blogger, creativity coach and artist, Elizabeth Bram talks about how to overcome creative blocks.

We all harbor creativity, although in different ways. Some of us are artistically creative, others technically, vocally or physically. Sometimes your creativity just shuts down. Stops. Comes to a complete halt.

Why are you experiencing a creative block?

Your creative block could be with something simple. It could be you are trying to create a garden or build a book shelf. You might be a dancer or a musician, a writer or a painter and can't seem to get the creative juices flowing. No matter what you do, you just can't start, finish or complete anything in between. You may be frustrated and not know why you are experiencing a creative block but believe it or not, your body knows the answer.

How to overcome a creative block

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I can help you overcome your creative block and locate sensations in your body that speak to you.

Right now, close your eyes. Feel within your body where you notice a sensation that is speaking to you.

Are you feeling a choking sensation in your throat? Is your stomach tingling or aching?

Don't fight these feelings- allow them to be. This it the time to dial down your thoughts and feel what is there...feel what your body is trying to tell you. During this time, your physical sensations may change, move on or worsen.

Can you let it be okay, whatever you feel and can you sit with this feeling?

Can you be with it? Does it have a name? Now sit with this sensation and really feel it. What does that named sensation need? Does it tell you what it wants? Do any images comes to mind?

Many times your problem will clear up instantly. Other times you may need someone to help guide you through the process to get to the root cause of your creative block.

For further information on working with a creativity coach, contact

elizabeth bram

Elizabeth Bram

Creativity Coach/Artist


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