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Harvest the Wisdom: Finding Your Inner Self


Yesterday, I went deep into the woods with my family. So deep in fact that the world went silent and only the sounds of the earth herself could be heard. I live for these days. I know that these days of earth, peace and connection not only sustain us but also renew, revive and heal us.

We do this often yet today had a purpose … harvest!

What can you harvest in the middle of February up in the northeast? The sweetest gift from mother nature, the gift worth trekking into the woods through snowy trails – sap! Sweet sugary maple sap is like a hidden secret guarded by the cold and frost. Once discovered you will understand why there exists those willing to bundle up to brave the cold and harvest the maple tree's sweet gift!

While I was out there in the cold just listening to the silence and of course contemplating life, I started to wonder about the hidden secrets inside of us- our inner self's deepest secrets. Those secrets well guarded with pain, suffering and fear hidden deep inside of us. So deep that just as in the woods, only the sounds of ourselves can be heard.

Do you allow yourself to go that deep?

Do you bundle up and brave the harrowing feelings that guard these secrets?

How do we prepare for such a journey?

The preparation for this journey could take months. Months of emotional identification and regulation, months of practicing inner awareness, months of creating and building a support system to be present for you on this journey … months to realize you will be safe on this emotional journey. With that safety the journey deep into yourself will be a harvesting, a harvesting of wisdom! Rarely do we view this level of awareness as a harvesting but I know from my own emotional journey and from having taken this journey with countless others that it is possible.

I know this is the exact opposite of what your inner voice is telling you to do. We instinctively run from the fire, not into it. This emotional journey will have you running towards the flames and engaging with them. But instead of burning in the blaze, this journey brings you to a different place. It brings you to a place of higher wisdom, deeper understanding and soul guidance. Once you return you no longer freeze in the pain and suffering of past experiences, it becomes impossible to do so once you have engaged your own flames. You know longer stand still in the face of blocks and challenges, your soul won't allow it. You seek out the blocks, remove them with your inner flame and allow your soul to bring you home.

This is a sacred journey. An emotional journey you can set out upon with a guide to help you find the sweetness of your own hidden secrets.

This is the perfect time of year to harvest this sweetness, while the ground is covered in a protective frost and the air is chilled just enough to be uncomfortable. We can brave through it together to find your sacred flame of wisdom, strength and peace.

Contact me to be your guide and your accountability partner while you venture out on this journey. Together, we can find what your inner self is trying to tell you and find true happiness!



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