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Is Your Vagina Trying to Tell You Something?


How many times have I heard women say ...

“So I broke up with my boyfriend and my stuff stopped itching ... I just got dumped but the good news is that terrible stabbing pain in my vajayjay is gone ... I packed up his shit and I haven't had a bladder infection since he left …!”

I can't even count the number of times women have shared these types of scenarios in my practice. The mind/body connection cannot be denied. Another way of saying this is the quality of the intimate relationship/body connection cannot be denied.

As a former trauma therapist for 20 years and a women's life balancing coach, I have witnessed first hand the direct connection between a woman's physical state with her environmental state. The most directly impacted and vulnerable area of her body is her pelvic and reproductive structure. When life is out of balance so too is her vagina, her uterus and the hormones that help support her feminine strength and vitality.

Our bodies speak to us daily but all too often we don't listen until the body starts screaming. The vagina has a very fragile environment that can be knocked out of balance easily. Stress, abuse, discontent, lack of self care, poor diet to name a few of life's challenges and painful experiences all contribute to altering, damaging or disrupting this delicate balance. The resulting burning, itching, pain, infections, irregular periods, funky discharges and smells are all direct communication that something is wrong, something is off, something needs to change!

Of course there are times when these symptoms are the result of a medical problem and should not be ignored. I routinely encourage all of my clients to seek medical attention to rule any underlying medical conditions before assuming these symptoms are solely based on some environmental stressor. Yet more often than you would think these conditions are a result of an unhealthy relationship, experience or habit that require attention and healing. If not attended to, you will begin to hear your vagina screaming for attention and help!

So why don't we listen? Simple – we weren't taught to listen to our bodies and definitely not to our vagina and uterus. This is all too often a taboo topic between mother and daughter setting the stage for discomfort in sharing these concerns with therapists, medical professionals or even our friends. Just saying the word vagina brings snickers and blood rushing to the cheeks of many. This has to be changed.

Say it loud and say it proud – VAGINA!

It's time to come out of the dark ages and openly discuss our bodies, our sensitivities and changes, our responses and reactions to life.

So the next time your vagina, your uterus, or your hormones start to talk to you … listen! Pay attention to those subtle messages and changes before she starts to scream at you. Listening has the potential to help avoid entering or continuing unhealthy relationships, change unhealthy patterns, address stressors and heal abuse. What a great opportunity!

Listen … your inner wisdom is speaking to you.


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