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A New Perspective on the New Year!

new year 2018

It has been one of the oddest years yet!

The highs, the lows, the joys and the pain – a year of mixed and varied experiences and emotions. Not exactly what I had envisioned December 31st of last year as I prepared for a gentle shift but we take it as it comes and adjust our sails. So here we are yet again, standing on the edge of the 2017 looking at the hope and wonder of the New Year.

Twelve months of possibility and potential.

Twelve months of hopes and dreams.

Are we setting ourselves up here? Last year we talked about allowing for a shift letting go of resolutions and judgment. I can tell you that just about every resolution I ever made was a colossal failure. Whether is was related to weight loss, finances, relationships or a grumpy morning disposition … fail! I am not alone. Most of us make resolutions with the best of intentions and determination. For the most part we all start out on January 1st full of enthusiasm and motivation. As time goes on, typically around February 1st , we find we are back where we were on December 31st.

This year I am taking a different stance at the suggestion of one of my clients … acceptance. This December 31st I am going to celebrate each and ever day in 2017. I will celebrate surviving it, thriving in it, failing in it, succeeding in it, crying in it and finding joy in it! I will accept where it has brought me and put my foot on the path of 2018 with the confidence that I am exactly where I need to be in that moment.

Full acceptance of the moment and the reality of the experience … embracing all the shifts that the year brought with it.

This doesn't not imply complacency nor stillness. The hope for 2018 does not involve surrender. Acceptance is not surrender. It is identifying our reality without judgment … simply observing. In that observation we can identify where there is room for change and development. For example you can observe that you are thirsty. Do you judge your thirst? No, you simply get a drink. The same theory applies to any of our needs, desires and hopes. No judgment!

So embrace the shifts that came with 2017. Accept them fully with acknowledgment and validation. Then let the magic of the New Year guide you … back to shifting! With no judgment quench your thirst whatever that thirst is … a career change, a relationship change, relocation, self improvement … pick up the glass and enjoy that wonderful taste of possibility.

Wishing you acceptance and endless possibility in the New Year!



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